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The universe works in mysterious ways. I’m sure if the numbers 11, 111 or 1111 resonate with you, it’s likely that you see them often. It’s believed that seeing repeated sequences of these numbers is affirmation from the universe of our dreams and motivations being safely manifested into reality. Powerful numbers of inspiration, intuition and self-expression. My beloved Grandmother, Santa Milana was born on All Saints Day which is celebrated annually on 1 November (111). She was a strong yet gentle soul who taught me generosity, tradition, sacrifice and to always seek the good in others. Despite having eight grandchildren that she loved dearly, I was her princess; her only granddaughter.

Following her passing, I began to subtly hear whispers from the universe and the triple digit number 111 manifested  itself into my daily life: I constantly look at the time at 1.11pm, see it while watching Tv, on receipts, my new designated football membership seat number is 111, the first letter of my name corresponds to the 1st letter of the alphabet and my husbands the 11th, there are 111 likes on a previous social media post of my Grandmother, the number 111 is on my replacement car registration plates… the list continues.

In 2006, I took a leap of faith and used the experience I held working in the disability, beauty and wellness industries to open my dream day spa. With my favourite quote, “We rise by lifting others”,  by Robert Ingersoll always at the forefront of my mind, my day spa soon became known throughout the community as a place of respite and renowned for its philosophy in creating professional sensory therapies for clients to enjoy well deserved “time out”. Despite its success, I made the heart wrenching decision to step away and sell my business in 2016. My motivation to help improve the lives of others by inducing relaxation and reducing stress remained unchanged and I soon opened my sole operation “Petite Retreat”.

Fast forward 4 years, COVID-19 happened and lockdown had me bored and feeling flat. During this time I received a gorgeous hamper from a client, this beautiful gesture lifted my spirits and shifted what had been a unpleasant day into a brighter one…it got me thinking and soon sparked an idea! I discussed my aspirations of gifting products by local Australian producers into wellbeing gift boxes to a friend. She gently encouraged me and when I later discovered that her birthday falls on 1 November (111), I promised myself that I could no longer ignore the signs.

To celebrate my beloved Grandmother’s memory and what would have marked her 99th birthday, I launched Santa Milana- Gifts of Wellbeing on 1 November 2020 at 1.11pm. An extension of my work, belief in “rising by lifting others” and a commemoration of the precious grace and love my grandmother embodied and instilled in everyone.

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